When you have 2 roller shades on 1 channel and you want them both on their own channel on your Somfy RTS remote, what do you do?

There's only a solution if you can take on of the shades off power individually (so disconnect the battery or switch off the power).

When that's possible, here are the steps you can use - assuming you have a Telis 4 RTS or Telis 16 RTS multi channel remote:

1. Unplug the one you want to keep on the current channel
2. press on the prog button on the back of the remote -> shade will jog
3. switch to the channel you want this shade on
4. press prog button on the back -> shade will jog
5. Press prog button again and shade will go jpg again
6. Switch back to the channel you started with
7. press prog button on the back - motor will jog

Power on the other shade and both will work on their own channel.