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  • How to program an Somfy Oximo or Altus RTS motor

    When you program an RTS motor, you link the remote control and set the upper and lower limit.

    This is also the moment when you set the direction in which the motor turns.

    In this video, we show you how to do all this in the right sequence:

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  • How to add an additional RTS remote to your blind

    If you want to control your electric blind with another remote, you need the original remote.

    With that remote you can add the new one to the blind, without touching the motor.

    It's very easy to do and only takes about 20 seconds.

    In the video below, we show you the exact steps you need to take:

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  • How to remove the crown and drive from a Somfy motor for re use

    When you need to replace your Somfy motor, you can reuse the crown and drive. 

    There's often very little wear on these, even when the motor has been used for a long time. So there's no neeed to buy new ones.

    It's hard to figure out how to take them off, if you don't know where to look.

    In this video, we show you just how easy it is:

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General Somfy stuff

  • What's the difference between a star head and a round head Somfy motor?

    There are roundhead and starhead motors, so which one do you need?

    Starhead motors are mainly used in roller shutters and awnings

    Roundhead motors are mainly used in screens and blinds

    The motor bracket is specfic to the type of motor you use, so if you're looking to replace your motor, take the type of motor that's already in your roller shutter or blind.

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Electric roller shades

  • Can you use the R28 to upgrade a manual roller shade
    The Somfy R28 can be used to upgrade your manual shade, as long as it's the type that Somfy provides crowns and drives for. Additionally, the bracket on the manual control side needs to be a 2-part bracket. 
    If you  let us know what the diameter of the shade's tube is and a photo of the bracket, We'll be able to tell for sure(send us an e-mail at
    An alternative option is to get the R28 blind kit. It includes the tube and all the necessary part, except for the fabric. This allows you to take the fabric of the old shade and use it on the new one. (The tube comes with an adhesive strip you can use to easily attach the fabric to)
    Kits ship from stock and are delivered in 2 working days.
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